Games for the Classroom

A range of challenging classroom resources that are fun. As players solve each puzzle, players use clues to deduce solutions, strengthening logic and reasoning, spatial visualisation and problem solving skills.
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Get Groups Talking

Ice breaker games that can be used for training groups and group meetings.
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About Us

Clever Mind Toys offer a range of educational games and puzzles that are smart, fun and easy to play. These games will stimulate brain development, enhance hand eye co-ordination, promote spatial awareness and develop problem solving skills.

These games are made from quality materials and have won numerous awards.

They are favorites for children, parents and teachers.

For schools, we have games that are suitable for teaching resources, setting up Maths stations for Maths week, products suitable for STEM teaching and Irish language products.

For the workplace we have games that are suitable as ice breakers in meetings and for team building. Our range of conversation games are easy to use to get everyone talking.

All games are suitable for families and for all ages. Games and puzzles that are suitable as brainteasers for adults and for senior citizens. Enjoy!

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