Comhrá Trí Ghaeilge

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Comhrá Trí Ghaeilge (Gorm) 10+


  • Ages –  Blue set is for 10+.
  • Cartaí Comhrá trí Ghaeilge – Irish language conversation cards.
  • 52 cards containing questions in Irish to help communicate and converse in spoken Irish.
  • To get the conversation started just pick a card and ask the question.
  • Ideal for the school environment.
  • Why not encourage the family to speak a little Irish at home – these are a great way to help get the conversation started.
  • Are you involved in or interested in starting a group that is trying to improve their conversational Irish – Cartaí Comhrá trí Ghaeilge would be a great addition.
  • ‘Níl le déanamh agat ach an cheist a chur.’
  • 2 options; orange age 6+, blue 10+


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