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IQ-Puzzler Pro


  • Ages: 6 to 106
  • Number of players: 1
  • Stimulate your spatial perception.Train your memory and increase your power of concentration.
  • IQ-Puzzler Pro features 120 challenges in three playing modes, including both 2D and 3D challenges!
  • The top of the game board features a grid for 2D challenges and a separate grid for 3D pyramid challenges, while the bottom of the board features a completely different 2D challenge grid.
  • All in the same compact, portable travel case.
  • You can play pyramid and rectangular games anywhere, anytime.
  • Solving 2D and 3D problems challenges help right brain development and develop spatial concepts.
  • Colorful blocks promote human visual system development and develop visual intelligence.
  • The use of open spaces in different puzzle challenges promotes the development of spatial concepts.
  • A great fun way to play is to have 2 IQ-Puzzlers and challenge your friend to see who can solve it quicker.
This game is great as a brain stimulating game for any age. Also suitable for children that need to strengthen a logic and sequence approach to complete the puzzle. This helps  to build concentration skills and become spatially aware of shape and space. Enjoy!

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    This is one of Clever Mind Toys favorite games.

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