Liathróid Spraoi

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Liathróid Spraoi



  • Níl le déanamh ach an liathróid a chaitheamh, breith uirthi, féachaint faoi d’ordóg agus an gníomh a dhéanamh.
  • Éasca:  Déan an gníomh atá faoi d'ordóg.
  • Crua:   Déan an gníomh agus pléigh é.
  • Deacair:  Aithin an briathar seo agus cuir é in abairt eile.
  • Dúshlán:  Déan an gníomh cúpla uair ar feadh tréimhse atá socraithe

Liathróid Spraoi – Irish Language Activity Ball

  • Move your body, Throw it, Catch it and the panel that your thumb covers, do that activity.
  • An interactive learning tool, suitable for parents, teachers, occupational & physical therapists.
  • Ball can be used in PE classes
  • Suitable for all types of groups

Ideas on how you can use the Liathróid Spraoi in class groups or other groups pf people:

  • Ball is thrown from one person to another, person calls out the instruction and group follow.
  • Using 4 to 5 balls, class is split into groups, ball is thrown from one person to another, person that catches ball calls out activity on the panel, all group do that activity, then throw to next person.
  • Ball can be used in a class where teacher throws ball, student catches ball and calls out the activity, class can discuss the activity, eg: Siúil ar do bharraicíní go ciúin
  • Class may discuss in Irish, when was the last time you had to tiptoe quietly…Why…Where…When might you have to do this…etc.

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